It’s time for the second annual Blog-Your-Own-Book Challenge!

Last June, I thought to myself — what if we challenged everyone to write a blog post a day for one month. That morphed into something more like what if we challenged everyone to write a blog post a day for a month and turn those posts into a book?

Meet FRED . . .

FRED is the folder for reaching the end of your draft. And he is magical.

This deceptively simple little tool keeps me on track, reminds me that I’m a real writer (when I need that reminder), and makes sure I actually finish my projects. …

Come hang out with us today.


I wanted to take a minute today to invite you to come hang out with me on Zoom today (Saturday, October 23.)

The entire Ninja Writers Team will be there. And we’re beyond excited to meet you. We’ll be sharing a brand new project — the Ninja Writers Mastermind.

It’s all in the story flow.

Everytime I start to teach a class about plotting a novel, I ask the same question.

Is anyone writing a tragedy?

If I’m teaching teenagers, half of them raise their hands. They all want to be writing something tragic. If I’m teaching adults, one or two might. …

Takeaway: Sticking for long enough matters. A lot.

Last week, I wrote about a challenge that my daughter and I are working on. We’ve challenged ourselves to blog every day for the rest of 2021.

We’re a week in, so I thought I’d update.

Sadly, the results are pretty — Meh.

On the one hand, it feels good…

A thought game that gives you insight into your motivations.

I’ve played the Fame, Fortune, or Freedom game so many times. The one where I ask myself: Which one drives me?

I learned that game from a guru-type guy. I can’t even remember now what the actual goal of the game is. …

Parsing out the productivity jargon.

For whatever reason, I’ve come across the term ‘zone of genius’ three times this week. I’d never heard it before. Maybe I’m just behind the times. I don’t know.

Or maybe I’ve seen it before, but it never registered. …

Snapshot story. Use all five senses!

I found this photo in a collection I was sorting through.

It was taken in 1951. Two middle-aged women standing in the middle of the street, on a hairpin turn in the mountains. Probably northern California, based on the other photos in the lot it came with.

Here’s a close…

Shaunta Grimes

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