Who will help and hurt your hero?

The Plotting Workshop: Allies, Enemies, and Tests

Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash
  • How does the special world of the story contrast with the protagonist’s ordinary world?
  • How will your MC be tested? Think about what part of their personality or physical self needs to be poked a little, to prove that the hero is ready for the challenge of the story.
  • How does your protagonist cope with the special world? Do they handle change well or do they fight it? What are their go-to coping mechanisims? Will they work?
  • Who will your MC’s allies be and when will they meet them?
  • Who are your MC’s enemies? Think about the antagonists’ stakes and motives. Where d the enemies fit into the special world of the story?
  • Vogler writes, “No matter how many schools he has been through, he’s a freshman all over again in this new world.” Take a few minutes to write about what being a freshman in this new world feels like for your MC. What are they afraid of? Which table do they eat lunch at?