OOTD: Color on a Rare Sunny Winter Day

Challenging myself to get dressed everyday. Day 1.

Shaunta Grimes
5 min readFeb 19, 2024


My wardrobe. Photo: Author.

I’ve really been struggling lately and I think that making myself get dressed everyday is going to help. It usually does. And as usual, I figured why not take you with me?

A little word, though. It is so easy for me to get stuck in all the little details. To decide I can’t do something like this unless my house is perfect, my outfit is perfect, everything is perfect. To combat this perfectionism, I’m just doing it anyway.

Like doing it right now, without giving myself the option to perfect anything. So my mirror is dirty. My hair is doing something funky. I’m not wearing make-up I’m not wearing shoes, because I’m at home today and I don’t wear shoes inside.

That’s my big advice for today: do it anyway.

I’m on a little mission right now to sort out my wardrobe so that I only have things in it that I really love and that suit my colors and body type. So, I’ll take a little bit of a critical look at each outfit in this series.

I’m challenging myself to get dressed everyday for the rest of this winter. Today is February 19. The challenge will end on April 30. That’s 71 days. Some days I might just take a quick snap and post it. Others, like today, I’ll feel moved to do a little analysis.

As I work on this, I’m going to upload my keeper clothes into an app called Indyx. Eventually, it will help me to put together outfits. In theory. I think.

Day One Outfit: Red Jeans and an oversized sweater.

It’s cold and brightly sunny today in northwestern Pennsylvania today. The sun is a lovely treat. It made me want to wear something bright.

Today I put on a pair of red jeans, a reddish tank top, and an oversized stripped sweater.The jeans are made by Eileen Fisher. I bought them from Thredup. They are a little brighter than my red — my romantic color. I love how they fit, they’re super comfortable, but I’ve had them two years and…



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