I wrote on Medium everyday in February. Here’s what happened.

The results of my February experiment.

Shaunta Grimes
5 min readMar 1, 2022

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I’m giving myself a work-related challenge every month in 2022. February’s challenge was to write on Medium everyday. These are the results.

February Compared to January and December

In January I wrote 17 blog posts. I had 33,393 views, 10,989 reads, and 472 fans. I earned $702.44. I was pretty happy with that. It was considerably more than the $354.34 I earned in December. I wrote 8 blog posts in December.

Since doubling my output in January doubled my income, I had hoped that the same would be true in February. It was not.

I wrote 31 blog posts in February, so there were a couple of days I actually wrote twice. I earned $724.00 even. So about twenty bucks more.

I also didn’t have the increase in views I expected.

December, January, February stats. (Screenshot: Author)

As you can see, doubling my output in January increased my views by about 10,000. Doubling again in February only increased my views by 4,000.

Here are my income stats going back to April 2021. From April through October, I was getting bonuses from Medium. When that stopped in November, my income dropped considerably.

So — I’ve brought my income back up. But as has been true for the last couple of years, there doesn’t seem to be a direct correlation between how much I write and how much I earn.

Screenshot: Author

The Bottom Line

I have a couple of thoughts.

One — I don’t blog directly for an income. I blog because it’s the easiest way for me to connect with my audience (aka Ninja Writers.) This experiment was a win for me if only because it’s gotten me back in the habit of blogging regularly.

I missed it. I expect that I’ll blog more going forward, just because I’ve started doing it more…

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