How To Create a Mastermind Group

Six steps to help you make a life-changing connection.

It feels like magic, but it isn’t.

When we made the shift between being a group of people who’d been thrown together by our willingness to pay a mentor and a mastermind group that feels like family it did feel like magic. It literally happened overnight (but after months of NOT happening.)

It takes time.

My group experience started in March 2016. We didn’t really click as a cohesive whole until the second time we met in person, in September.

The mentor is the least important person in the group.

I know this probably sounds pretty harsh, but it’s true. The mentor was the least important part of our group.

Be willing to be vulnerable.

A mastermind group is NOT the place to try to make everyone else think you’re more comfortable or more successful or more ready to take on the world than you really are.

Trust the process.

A few years ago, I was a student in a low-residency BFA (bachelor of fine arts) program at Goddard College. The motto there has stuck with me, as I’m sure it has stuck with just about every Goddard student: Trust the process.

A commitment to the group is a commitment to yourself.

I don’t know how else to say this. If you commit to a mastermind group, SHOW UP. Even if you don’t really want to. Even if you’re doubting the whole fucking thing. Even if your call is at 7 on Saturday morning and you just don’t want to.

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