How a 13-year-old picks a soccer team. (Very carefully.)

A response to Hope Solo’s statement about the rich, white sport. Sort of.

My daughter Ruby is thirteen. She’s a soccer goalkeeper. She wants to be Hope Solo when she grows up. It’s tryout season.

When my girl throws her fearless self at a ball, this is what she’s dreaming of.

Offer One

A team based in Truckee that is only taking four girls this season total.

Offer Two

In Reno there are two highly ranked teams. The one Ruby was on last season and another one — which made this offer.

Option Three

A brand new team.

Option Four

Ruby was offered a spot on the ’03 team in the club she played for last year.

See? Drama!

One thing I noticed in the last year is that it does Ruby almost no good to play on a team that’s considerably better than almost all the available competition. In Reno, there are only two teams that play at a significantly higher level than the others. She plays on one of them and they are well matched with the other.

What it costs.

Just for the record, I guess . . .



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